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Play your way to recovery

And make physical and cognitive exercises
more engaging with MIRA

MIRA is a digital platform that uses motion tracking sensors to gamify physical therapy and increase patient compliance.

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Who MIRA addresses

And its key benefits
Patients or

MIRA makes physical therapy more engaging for patients recovering at home or at the clinic.

Clinicians or
clinical personnel

MIRA makes physical therapy more manageable for clinicians, allowing them to better keep track of their patients.

Medical institutions, insurers or
commercial partners

MIRA allows customers to expand their market reach, reduce costs and offer innovative and high-quality care.

How it works

And what patient groups are using MIRA

The solution is a software platform that turns physical and cognitive exercises into clinical exergames, making therapy more convenient and easier to follow.

It is designed as a tool for therapists, using motion tracking sensors to engage patients in their therapy, while assesing and reporting patient compliance.

MIRA has been successfully used in orthopaedic and neurological therapy for both children and adults, as well as in falls prevention and active ageing programmes for the elderly.

More about our Product

MIRA contains over 450+ exergames, along with assessment tools, cognigames and custom exercises. The content is clinically built based on input and feedback from therapists and patients and is continuously expanded and improved through periodic application updates.

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Some features of MIRA
  • Comprehensive set of exergames
  • Assessment tools
  • Motion statistics
  • Activity tracking
  • Patient management
  • Useable at home
  • Secure and reliable

What our users think

And some of our statistics


Patients have used
MIRA so far


Rehabilitation sessions
with MIRA so far


Clinics or institutions have
used MIRA so far

"Goal based rehabilitation can be used in a computer-based
exergame rehabilitation programme."

Based on a study at the Central Manchester University Hospitals, Manchester

Our most recent news

And articles from our blog

Non-Immersive Virtual Reality for Post-Stroke Upper Extremity Rehab

A randomised trial involving 55 patients evaluates the used of MIRA Exergames for post-stroke patients, evaluating neuroplasticity effect and rehabilitation potential.

A Multifactorial Falls Prevention Activity Programme after Stroke

Evaluating a Novel Multifactorial Falls Prevention Activity Programme for Community-Dwelling Older People After Stroke: A Mixed-Method Feasibility Study. PI Lex D de Jong, School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science, Curtin University, Australia.

Exploring the usability of MIRA for older persons with dementia

In this study we used MIRA exergames to compose a physical activity program for people with early stage dementia. We evaluated the feasibility of this program and the possibility to implement the program in different care settings

We regulary post on our blog about our latest news, case studies and all things digital health.

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If you would like to use MIRA for a patient, in a clinical setting or for commercial purposes, please contact us to try our product now.

Some of our clients

And key partners

Our objectives

And key values

Helping people to recover from episodes of ill health or following injury

Enhancing quality of life for people with long-term conditions

Ensuring that people have a positive experience of care

MIRA’s objectives are in line with the UK's NHS Outcomes
Framework Indicators

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