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MIRA 2016 Highlights

2016 was an exciting year for MIRA with achievements, events, conferences, and mentions




 Conferences & Events
  • March 2016: The Future of Physiotherapy: Summit & Exhibition- University of Salford
  • March 2016: Sussex Trauma Network conference – Innovations in trauma Rehab: Thinking outside the box- Brighton, UK
  • April 2016: One Nuffield Health Event as part of the Microsoft Booth
  • June 2016: Speaker at Digital Health ICEEfest (Interactive Central & Eastern Europe Festival)- Bucharest, Romania
  • June 2016: Health + Care Show– London, UK
  • September 2016: 39th Annual National Medical Rehabilitation Congress with International Participation- Sibiu, Romania
  • October 2016: Dr. Emma Stanmore Senior Lecturer in Nursing at the University of Manchester is speaking at the 6th Annual Games For Health Europe– Utretcht, NL




  • November 2016: ER- WCPT (European congress: World Congress of Physiotherapists)- Liverpool, UK


Articles & Mentions

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